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Crafting the Home of Your Dreams as a New Homeowner

Crafting the Home of Your Dreams as a New Homeowner

January 7, 2020

You just bought a home, and although you bought in at a good price, you feel a bit as though you settled. It’s not exactly your dream home, yet. There were, however, a few deciding factors that led you to your exciting new purchase. The location is unbeatable, the house boasts character and charm, and it was at an agreeable price. By budgeting for a remodel, you and your partner came out on top with funds left over to invest in needed upgrades. What you saved in the overall purchase price by choosing a slightly outdated home will undoubtedly prove to be a great ROI in the long run. Here is why.

Generating a Serious Return On Investment

It is almost always a financially savvy move to remodel rather than buy in new. According to Roger Greenwald, RA, AIA, “the cost of tearing down and rebuilding will be about 20 percent higher than engaging in an extensive whole-house remodel”. The brand new house with all the bells and whistles ends up costing much more and inherently won’t satisfy all of your needs. First off, there is practically no home- no matter how new and updated- that doesn’t require personal alterations. You want your home to work for you, not the other way around. When moving into a new house, you aim to craft an environment and a design that exudes your unique character, and one that has features and technologies that pair well with your lifestyle.

Going into it, you expected some major remodeling, but you’re not exactly sure what that entails. You know the kitchen needs a major facelift, the bathrooms could use some serious updating, the flooring replaced, and the master bedroom walk-in closet revamped. And of course, simple details such as the trim, the outdated drywall and even the interior doors throughout could be updated. Those small yet poignant features of a home will instantly enhance the home’s value and add a surprising amount of freshness to it’s aesthetic. Again, you should be considering the overall ROI throughout the remodeling process. You want to make sure you can pair existing features and structural elements that work, with upgrades and novelty to retain it’s inherent charm all while at an agreeable cost.

Breaking It Down

There are many steps that go into updating and renovating a home. Below is a basic breakdown of the necessary steps to attaining your home goals.

  • Make a Plan.
  • Set a Budget.
  • Talk to Your Insurance Agent.
  • Hire a Contractor.
  • Secure Permits and Order Materials.
  • Start Demolition.
  • Work Behind the Walls.
  • Paint and Install Flooring.
  • Install Cabinetry
  • Add Finishing Touches

That brings you to your next dilemma- finding the right contractor.

Green Works is Here to Help

While there is an abundance of readily available Contractors in the Los Angeles area, there is only a handful you can trust. Even less, that can provide quality on-time service, masterful craftsmanship, and one which brings innovation and quality design to the table. Great contractors should be able to survey a home, see what is working and what isn’t, craft a model and a workable design suited to the homeowner, and then provide a timeline and reasonable budget. We at Green Works provide all of that and exceed expectations with each and every project we undertake. We’re ready and excited to help get you started on your home improvement and provide quality and value above all else.

We specialize in ADU’s, kitchen and bathroom remodels, feature and structural updates, walk-in closets, interior upgrading and just about everything in-between.

Arriving at the Home of Your Dreams

When all said and done, you’ll enter into your beautiful new home and feel in awe of your fresh and stylish environment for years to come. The best part about remodeling is that all the choices and features are uniquely yours. Crafted by your vision and built to enhance your overall living experience. Call Us today to get started on the home make-over of your dreams.