There comes a time when homeowners want to remodel their properties for comfort ability or even to increase resale value. The main roadblock property owners struggle with overcoming is obtaining proper financing to fund their ideas.

At Greenworks Construction, we believe every customer should have the opportunity to bring their dreams to life. This is why we offer various financing packages for our clients to choose from. There’s something for everyone – some plans require no down payment, no payments for up to 12 months and long-term repayment options up to 10 years.

Below is a quick overview of the financing companies we partner with.



Greenworks can provide 100% financing for your home remodeling project through EnerBank. You can acquire unsecured loans, which means no collateral required to fund your home remodel, and no property liens to worry about. The APR rates are fixed for the life span of your loan and your money is backed by the FDIC. You can read more about EnerBank financing here.



If you’re planning to make energy-efficient and/or water-saving upgrades to your home, then you can apply for a loan through HERO and get approval within minutes. No more waiting weeks to determine if you’ll have the funding needed to start your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor remodel. The plans are flexible, allowing you to select the terms you want. You can also use your property taxes to make payments. You can learn more about HERO financing here.



Need a loan with no money down? Then California FIRST is a great choice. This company funds home remodeling projects that are focused on renovations that revolve around energy efficiency, water-saving and renewable energy. The loan terms are between five and 30 years, and is paid using your property taxes. This financing program comes with no prepayment penalty and won’t show up on your credit report. You can learn more about California FIRST financing here.



There are only a few ways you can fund a home remodeling project, and that’s either to save money, borrow from family and friends, take out a bank loan or refinance your home. The financing packages we offer provide some of the best APR rates and flexible payment plans, compared to other financial institutions. It’s also a lot faster to obtain than allocating your own cash or applying for traditional bank loans.

If you’re looking to have your home remodeled with eco-friendliness in mind, then why not get a loan that’s tailored to your needs? Give Greenworks Construction a call to see how we can help make your home renovation a reality.

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We offer several financing programs for energy efficient projects. No Credit checks , no FICO score requirments. Minimum effort needed on your part we apply for you and receive confirmation within minutes.

• 100% financing
• Tax Deductions & rebates available
• Conserve Energy
• Easy application process


Build an ADU & Receive a Grant for up to $40,000

California wants to help homeowners build an ADU on their property through the CalHFA ADU Grant Program.
This program will provide qualified borrowers a grant of up to $40,000 on pre-development costs associated with the construction of an ADU.