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Exterior Remodeling for Extended Indoor Space

Exterior Remodeling for Extended Indoor Space

December 27, 2017

Our home is a prized possession that is the result of years of hard work and planning. No matter how big or small a home is, what matters is how much the owner’s take pride in keeping it! A home is the direct reflection of the owner’s own tastes and style. The new home construction market has grown and evolved over the years, allowing home owners to have complete say in the smallest of details. Today home remodeling for your Los Angeles home is not just about choosing the colors or the wood; you can fill character and infuse every corner with your personal taste.

Whether it’s home remodeling or a new construction it is necessary to give equal and due importance to the exteriors as much as the interiors. After all, it’s the outdoor that creates the first impressions!

Exterior Remodeling is crucial as it defines the overall look of the house. It makes your home stand out and look unique. Today with houses getting smaller and more cramped, creating the outdoors that extends the interiors is the most popular choice of style. Depending on the architectural style you choose, the exterior and interior can be integrated to create an extended look. For example, if you like to do up your house with modern design elements, choose the same modern look for the exterior to create an extension. Simply put, instead of creating a gap between the two, look at it as one large canvas.

Here are some outdoor remodeling ways that allow you to create an extension to your indoors:

Sliding Glass Doors

Instead of using heavy wooden or metal doors that define space and create a wall, using glass doors will create an extension. A glass door, even when shut is a bridge between the outdoor area and the indoor area. This will give your home a spacious and extended look. Also, glass doors are an extremely popular remodeling pick as they allow a great amount of natural light into the home, creating the look of a brighter and bigger indoor area.

The Porch Furniture

The furniture that you put outside must be similar or at least correspond with the kind of furniture you have indoors. This gives an impression of the outdoor space as an extended part of the inside rather than clearly separating the two.


When remodeling keep the color of the walls, inside and out, the same. Again, this creates an extended look instead of breaking and demarcating the gap between the two.

Extend the porch

If you have a great garden, extend your flooring and cover it with a roof. This creates an illusion of an extended living space and seamlessly integrating with the greens. This is also a great idea for a bedroom space, as it makes for the perfect cozy porch to wake up to and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Large Glass windows

While Victorian style windows have a classy and stylish look, if you wish to extend your indoors, consider large glass windows when taking up a new home construction project. L-shaped windows that cover a corner of the room and take up equal shares of two adjacent walls are the latest rage in the world of home remodeling in Los Angeles and beyond.

If you have a garage, a storage room or a shed outside the main living area of the house, connect the two with a glasshouse. This allows you the perfect gazebo, a space that can be utilized and definitely a great look to your home. These divisions between two separate parts of the home are known as breezeways and connecting them through a glass ‘tunnel’ will give your indoors an extended look.


Giving character to your outside space with the right kind of lighting also plays a great role in creating extended spaces. Using subtle lighting across the outer space, integrating with the indoor space will give an extended indoor space all through the day and night.

Spaces today are smaller and cramped but the right designing techniques and proper remodeling ways can make the smallest of places look bigger and more spacious. It’s all about creating space! While most people understand space management indoors, home owners often neglect the possibility of managing exterior space to add more space and character to the home. Outdoor remodeling has become extremely popular as more and more people want to integrate the outside with the inside; it gives a chance to bring nature closer and of course enjoy a spacious living area. Your home is your most valuable asset; pamper it with the best of exterior remodeling techniques and allow it to grow and expand!