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Designing the Home Office ADU of Your Dreams

Designing the Home Office ADU of Your Dreams

August 24, 2020

Coming out of COVID-19 might seem like a funny time to tackle a home improvement project. Yet contrary to what might seem like a poor time to invest in building, this may actually be the ideal time to give yourself that home office you deserve. Because so many of us have had to either work from home, were let go from our jobs, or voluntarily chose to embark on a new career path, the thing we all have in common is our need for a home office. If you’re currently “making it work” by using an extra bedroom or a thrown together living room office, chances are you’re at your wits end in more ways than one. Having difficulty focusing, working around your family’s schedules, cramming your office space amongst treadmills and sewing machines in the spare bedroom, and enduring all sorts of distractions has likely caused you to lose it more than once. At some point, you may pause to consider designing a new home office ADU that checks all of your boxes and affords you the sanctuary and space to really get to work.

While surprising, there truly are a litany of reasons why improving the value of your home is a smart financial decision amid this economic downturn. So before you get started, there are a few important factors to keep in mind to ensure your new building project a timely, financially smooth success. Considerations such as material use, generating a positive ROI, and even choosing the right contracting company to get the job done right will save you headaches and money down the road.

The Value of Great Materials

When planning your new home office as an Additional Dwelling Unit in Los Angeles, choosing the right materials to suit your needs and meet your expectations all while remaining in your budget can be a tricky medium to reach. We all know the way the world works; if you want the best quality, you pay the highest price. Yet while this is true for many aspects of architecture, picking great materials that won’t break the bank is achievable with the right guidance. You’ll want to first conceptualize your new home office ADU in all of its entirety. What are the features you’ll want? Is this office separate from your main house? Does it use large glass panels allowing for beautiful daytime light, or is it designed ith less visibility to streamline your daily concentration? Wood floors or carpet? Once you have the general aesthetic down, you can then start to look for less expensive, eco-friendly materials and solutions that align with your budget and the planet. Cork, for example, is a wonderful alternative to solid wood, as it’s harvesting methods are sustainable because only the bark of the cork tree is harvested rather than the entire body. Cork is also much cheaper than hardwood and is a wonderful insulator. Using glass panels when positioned to be south-facing, is a great way to regulate temperature and slash heating and cooling costs in both the summer and winter months. In addition to those mentioned above, here is a condensed list of some wonderful building materials that are both environmentally less impactful, and cheaper:

  • Prefabricated panels.
  • Concrete sheets.
  • Stone cladding.
  • Reclaimed timber.
  • Corrugated metal sheets.
  • Bamboo
  • Industrial steel and iron.

Generate An Incredible ROI

By taking advantage of a time when our economy is radically unstable, you’ll actually end up saving on the cost of building, materials, and labor. Use this current decrease in pricing to your advantage, and hire contractors that are willing to work with you. While the inclination of many is to build when the economy is stable, it actually hurts your pocket more than helps it. Building at a time when materials and labor costs are at an all-time high is never a smart financial decision. Instead, use this slow period to employ the best contracting companies in Los Angeles while schedules are open and flexible, and their willingness to prioritize your project is high. By working with the current global slowdown, you can build while it’s low and instantly profit when the market stabilizes.

Contractors You Can Trust

Before hiring just any contracting company in Malibu, Hollywood, or Beverly Hills, you should shop around, do your research, and see what other people are saying. Reading references, scrolling through ratings and reviews, and talking with previous clients are all great ways to ensure the contractor you hire is the right fit for your needs. Choose a contractor that has awareness for the environment, who harbors strong building ethics, and whose designs are of the moment and flawlessly executed. GreenWorks Construction in Los Angeles is one of the most in-demand, well respected contracting companies in Southern California. Tackling all project sizes and budgets, Greenworks tirelessly works to ensure your design dreams come to life- quickly and with unprecedented craftsmanship.

Your new home office in Los Angeles has the potential to be an architectural statement and a total unobstructed sanctuary for you during your workday. While COVID 19 has altered the course of all of our lives, it shouldn’t have to alter your workday. Tackle that home improvement project you’ve been wanting and put your trust in the hands of Greenworks Construction to get the job done. Visit us online to check out our viewing gallery, schedule an appointment with one of our team members, and enjoy a bit of architectural inspiration in the process!