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June 10, 2014

I was so pleased with the professional approach, high quality of building materials, and the quality of his various teams that after two months into the project I decided to double my financial investment and rebuild the entire home. What makes Green Works Construction stand out from its competitors for me is the Company’s reputation AND the Project Manager assigned to my project. Not only is Avi an outstanding project manager, but he has a keen eye for design, detail, color, and architecture. He is passionate about his craft and it shows! He partnered with me to design every element of the exterior and interior of my house in real time as we went through the many project phases. And, when we found some structural issues, he thoroughly explained it to me, often several times, so that I could understand it and make an informed decision. As a project manager, he was on every detail, most often 2-3 steps ahead of me, and made things happen in a very quick time frame. His financial estimates are accurate and fair. Renovating your home is a big construction project and stressful. After a little more than five months he delivered my new home on schedule and my vision became a reality! You owe it to yourself to check out Green Works Construction & Design and have a conversation with Avi. You will not be disappointed. I want to share my story with you because selecting the right company (GREEN WORKS CONSTRUCTION) and Project Manager, Mr. Avi Ben Shabat, has made all the difference! I am a proud new home owner!!