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Renata M.

August 31, 2017

I have been in my house for ten years now, slowly I’ve fixed things here and there like the garage, the roof and so on, however with this decade anniversary coming up I really wanted to give the house a different life.
There were a lot of things that weren’t working properly, but for a loooong time I’ve put this off out of fear, I know remodeling costs a pretty penny and you just hear so many horror stories of people who will take your money and run, literally not call you back or whatever.
In prepping for this remodel I interviewed quite a few professionals and saw a lot of people whom I’ve liked but in the end I had a wish list of what I was looking for in this person that was going to take over my house for the next few months.
Itay Farber was the guy I ultimately chose and I could not have been happier with my decision.
We had so many things to do that our budget was really tight but I didn’t want to have some parts of the house look great and the others not so much, Itay was AMAZING in giving me the right advice on what to do where and how to make better use of our money, he worked with us to get great prices on materials as well as brought a very top notch team to work on the house.
All of his teams were extremely friendly, trust worthy,  knowledgeable people, they had the house for about 3 months and really became our friends rather than just people who were working for us. They were so fast and detail oriented I never had to ask for anything twice and Itay was THE BEST contractor I’ve ever even heard of, he was available at all times, called me on a daily basis to go over all details and overall the whole project went very smooth.
Now we have a house that we love and are proud of, we are extremely comfortable and if you are thinking of remodeling do yourself a favor, call Itay, ask him to bring you Manoel’s team, seat back and relax and you will be very very pleased with the result.
This was the most well spent money of my adult life 😀